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GDPR AUTO - the solution!
Providing a unique solution through which the impossible task of having to attempt to manually comply with the framework and the maintenance of ongoing records is automatically handled, maintaining full audit trails, notifications and providing automated reporting, all the while centralising, in a secure repository, the management of all personal data held.

is the industry’s first and only tool on the market that will make your company fully GDPR ready and compliant. It's not only a technical solution but a business solution that delivers the required automation as well as the legal expertise that dictate this regulation.
In order to deliver a holistic, international, and fully encompassing product, we have teamed up with AMJ Legal, a law firm specialising in the legal aspect of data and retention policies and who are also specialised in GDPR requirements. This is the only product on the market that can make companies, irrespective of their size and volume to be fully compliant with this regulation. This is the product that any Data Protection Officer (DPO) would need to ensure that all obligations are being met.

Here are the most important features that GDPR Auto will be delivering.

Fully embedded GDPR Audit Legal Assessment   /   Centralised Personal Data Audit   /   Audited re/consent in bulk and single subject calls   /   Instant servicing of SAR requests through 2FA   /   Instant servicing of PORTABILITY requests through 2FA   /   Central dashboard and notifications

Official launch of GDPR Auto at
SIGMA - Malta

Find us and ask for a demo at our stand right by the entrance. The name of our stand is Catering for Compliance. Also note that any orders of the product prior to the SIGMA event will benefit from a 25% early adopter discount. Demos and installations are on a first come, first served basis.
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compliance software, data protection, GDPR regulation, automation - GDPR Auto Aqubix
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